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Sustainable Energy

Energy, Utilities & Natural Resources

The energy, utilities, & natural resources sector is not like it used to be. New technologies, consumers’ expectation for lower costs, and pressure coming from both stakeholders and regulators to maintain reliability and enhanced environmental performance is making the sector more competitive and complicated.

Organisations wanting to survive and thrive in this environment need to develop their offerings and capabilities. Doing so will help them provide better services and weather different risks the sector is susceptible to.

Perfect Management Accountants can work with your organisation in steering it through the competitive and complicated energy, utilities, & natural resources sector and position it for growth. Whether the issue you are dealing with has something to do with accounting, tax, or regulatory compliance, our team can provide solutions appropriate to your needs.

The wide array of solutions we can deliver to your organisation cover areas that include:

  • Advice on best practices, key issues, and changes in regulations and compliance standards specific to the energy, utilities, & natural resources sector.

  • Risk management advisory

  • Due diligence on tax and financial matters in relation to M&A transactions.

  • Financial audit and modelling

  • Tax strategy and planning reviews

  • IPO support, including introduction and coordination with advisor, sponsors, and brokers

  • Contract reviews including royalty and profit sharing agreements

  • Forensic accounting

We have worked with different clients across the sector, from oil and gas exploration and production players, to organisations involved in mining and metals, to those running clean technology. We have been involved in many stages of their development and growth and have been instrumental in managing their risks and ensuring their compliance obligations. That said, you can never expect less when you turn to us for assistance.

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