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Young Accountant

Audit and Assurance Solutions

Organisations are expected to provide a fair representation of their affairs to give assurances to their stakeholders. We deliver independent audit and assurance solutions that you can count on to give meaning to your business numbers and have your financial statements in order.

We begin our approach by thoroughly understanding an organisation’s audit and assurance needs to ensure that we are seeing the big picture. From there, we focus our attention in developing and implementing robust audit strategies and tools in accordance to applicable reporting framework. These can help improve records, processes and procedures; increase organisational value and credibility; and reduce such risks as error and fraud.

Accounting and Strategic Business Advisory

One of our specialties is that of providing advice and guidance in the areas of accounting and business. We can assist your organisation in such matters of accounts preparation, performance forecasting, cash flow projections, and presentation of financials. Through our tailored accounting and strategic advisory solutions, you can save time doing financial-related reporting, take advantage of opportunities, and drive your organisation’s efficiency and profitability.


Whether its about management of accounts, budget preparation, or financial projections, our team is well-positioned to step in and provide your organisation with smart advice to help you drive its efficiency and profitability and also take advantage of opportunities.

Financial Reporting

With the pressure and expectations your organisation has to deal with from different sources, you want to make sure you get your financial reports right to reach your goals and avoid issues down the road. We provide advisory services you can use to get a fresh and unique perspective about your organisation’s finances and organise your financial reporting output.

Statutory Audit

How well do you know and have control over your organisation’s financials, processes, and procedures? Our audit team can help you take charge of these aspects of your business through our audit solutions. We have deep technical and market knowledge to swiftly understand and respond to your circumstances and provide you with audit solutions that work.

Service Charge Audit

Service charge is often a primary area of dispute in the commercial property industry. This makes it essential to ensure proper service charge implementation and management to mitigate risks and bring the attention back on asset management. We deliver a service charge audit solution with a focused approach and with a guarantee of risk reduction.

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