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Adult Education Course

Education and Training

Perfect Management Accountants’ credentialed professionals have extensive experience in advising and supporting education and training providers gained through years of working in the sector. We have assisted schools, colleges, universities, and academies in matters like accounting and tax, operational efficiencies, and technology management, among others. With that, we are ideally positioned to give you a solution, specifically developed to address your organisation’s challenges and needs.

We offer solutions and advice on issues such as:

  • Internal and external assurance

  • Accounting and financial due diligence and reporting

  • Direct and indirect tax

  • Governance review, remodelling, and risk management

  • Funding review and option appraisal

  • Technology integration and risk management

  • Operational efficiency review

  • Interim support

  • Training program development and support

  • Contractual and procurement relationships

The education and training sector is projected to grow as more and more people are gaining access to quality learning through the Internet and increasing participation of those in the private sector. Your organisation should be prepared to jump into the opportunities such growth presents, and we are a good partner to help you make that happen.

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